We are a high-end technology integration partner. Understanding that technology in your home is most effective, most elegant, most impressive, and most sublime according to how well it is integrated is a key factor in the satisfaction of our customers.

Fusion Audio + Video was awarded the honor of being ranked in the top 100 integrators in the country for the past 3 years in row 2012, 2013 and 2014!

Who is Fusion Audio Video?


3 guys started Fusion Systems when they realized they could feed their audio and video passion and make a career out of it. Quickly they realized their passion was in the high-end demand of the residential market. Over the 1st year their values and vision evolved as the 3 partners attended certification classes, industry events, and listened to the needs of the local community. At the end of the first year, Fusion was able to move into a new showroom, purchase company vehicles and began hiring additional staff to handle the ever growing technology needs of its customer base. The new showroom offered customers the ability to test-drive cutting edge technology. Now Fusion family is centrally located in the heart of downtown Greenville offering cutting edge technology with their original commitment to customer satisfaction.

What We Do


Image Audio / Video
From humble abodes to luxury homes, Fusion outfits discerning customers with cutting edge technology!
Image Security
Protect yourself and your awesome Fusion gear with the latest in security technology installed and maintained by our friendly Fusions technicians.
Image Automation
Let's face it, some of us have homes that are so big we need sophisticated management systems in order keep it all under control; and some of us just need to feed our inner geeks. In either case Fusion has the latest controls, gadgets, and programming to tame the largest homes and satisfy the geekiest geeks.
Image Smart Wiring
The majority of homes built today still aren’t being prepared for the technologies of tomorrow. Smartwire systems design provides a future-proofing focus to analyze trends in technology today to install phone, computer, and audio/video wiring to support the communications of tomorrow.

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Fusion Audio+Video
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